Traders continue to oppose, while the government is going to implement GST from July 1. After the shoe traders in Kanpur, the textile traders announced the strike.


Textile business on three-day strike

According to the announcement of the government, the GST will be implemented from July 1 onwards in the entire country. Against this, many shoe dealers of the country including Kanpur and Delhi have already been mobilized and the work of the shoe business has stalled over the past several days.
In this protest of businessmen GST, Delhi’s textile merchants, including Kanpur, have also come down. Textile merchants in Kanpur have announced not doing business for three days. During this time, the business operations will be completely stalled. And demonstrating against the GST will insist on not implementing it.


Tax on clothes

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The government has also imposed a tax on clothes under GST. That is, the traders still have to pay tax on the clothes that are free from service tax. In this protest, the garment traders across the country have been mobilized. The traders say that the government should take away the service with clothes.


550 crore turnover halted

There are about 58 thousand garment businessmen in Kanpur. After shoe, the clothing business in Kanpur is considered to be big. Textile business turns around turnover of around 550 crores a day. Three days i.e. 27,28 and 29 have declared the business to be stalled. By which crores of taxpayers will be affected and there will be the huge loss to the government.